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Prioritizing your child's mental and behavioral health is integral to their overall well-being, and the American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes the significance of comprehensive evaluations in this realm. At our pediatric office, we understand the importance of early detection and intervention. Our experienced healthcare professionals are dedicated to conducting thorough assessments for conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression. These evaluations not only help identify potential challenges but also pave the way for personalized treatment plans tailored to your child's unique needs. By addressing mental and behavioral health proactively, we aim to support your child's emotional growth and resilience, promoting a positive trajectory for their future. Your child's mental health is a priority, and our office is committed to providing the care and expertise needed for their well-rounded development.

In addition to our provider’s expertise, we partner with a licensed counselor from Children’s Health that comes to our office weekly to meet with your family about these concerns. She is able to do short term counseling in our office (or via televisit) or provide resources in the community for longer term counseling.

Dr. Julie is also board certified in Integrative Health and offers integrative solutions for many behavioral health problems. If you are interested in pursuing integrative health as a solution for your child, please see the Integrative Health tab on our website.

Call our Mansfield, TX office today at (682) 518-8111 if you have any concerns about your child's behavioral. 

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