The microbiome (all of the bacteria, viruses and yeast that live in and on our bodies with us) is an exciting field of study in medicine right now. We are learning more and more about which strains of bacteria and yeast are helpful for different medical conditions. Remember that it is always necessary for you to ask your child’s medical doctor if it is safe for her/him to take any medication or supplement. There are no guarantees that these probiotics will help your child’s condition and there may be risks if your child has certain diseases/illnesses. However, most probiotics are generally recognized as safe and current evidence supports the use of the following probiotics for your children for the highlighted concerns:

Metagenics Metakids probiotic

Tummyaches/Colic in infants:
Metagenics Metakids baby probiotic

Metagenics Metakids probiotic AND/OR FloraStorBaby (take 1/2 dose twice daily for kids under 2) or FloraStorKids (take normal dose twice daily for kids over 2) OR Culturelle (take twice daily)

Immune support:
Metagenics Metakids probiotic AND FloraStorBaby or FloraStorKids

Healthy microbial balance:
Culturelle kids daily probiotic chewable or packets for older kids OR Metagenics Metakids baby probiotics for kids under 2 years of age

Yeast overgrowth:
BioGaia Protectis Baby or BioGaia Protectis Chewable AND/OR FloraStorBaby or FloraStorKids

While taking antibiotics:
FloraStorBaby or FloraStorKids (take twice daily)

Metagenics UltraFlora Acute Care (these capsules may need to be opened and dumped into food for younger children)


***Metagenics products can be purchased at with the practitioner code of JulieTomberlin (if this is required)

***FloraStor, Culturelle, and BioGaia products can usually be found at your local pharmacy

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