Integrative Medicine

What is Integrative Medicine?

The term integrative health describes the blending of complementary (things like in depth nutrition, supplements, botanicals, probiotics, spirituality, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga) and conventional therapies (things like vaccines, inhalers, prescription medications and antibiotics) by the practitioner to include all appropriate therapies in a patient-centered and evidence-informed (meaning proven by research!) fashion. In an integrative approach, evidence-based complementary therapies may be used as primary treatments or used in combination with conventional therapies.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatric Integrative Medicine involves the integration of complementary and conventional therapies on the basis of the best available data, with the goal of maximizing therapeutic benefit to the patient.

Over the past 17 years of my practice, I have seen an increased need and desire for complementary approaches to many of the issues we commonly see in pediatrics. There are many wonderful integrative approaches to chronic issues such as:

  • -autism
  • -sleep difficulty
  • -chronic abdominal pain
  • -ADHD
  • -asthma
  • -anxiety
  • -depression
  • -constipation
  • -Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • -premenstrual syndrome
  • -chronic headaches
  • -food intolerances
  • -chronic pain syndromes

There are many more acute issues that have effective integrative treatments. For example, using elderberry (in the right dosage and safe form!) for influenza. And of course, integrative approaches can be used to optimize general health and athletic performance.

So often, parents feel like the only treatments that are available are pharmaceuticals. But this just isn’t true!! Unfortunately, most doctors have not been trained in integrative approaches to pediatric healthcare needs. Because of this, I have begun a 2 year post doctoral fellowship training in Integrative Medicine. I will complete this training in 2021 and seek board certification in Integrative Medicine at that time.

However, I don’t want to wait until 2021 to help with so many of the issues that I am able to help with now. For that reason, I have already started to incorporate many of the things that I am learning into my every day practice (like recommending elderberry for the flu). I am also offering full integrative consults. These consults will involve a pre-visit questionnaire, a lengthy in person visit (minimum 60 minutes) and a follow up written plan (sent to you within 2 weeks) specific to your child’s needs, including both conventional and integrative approaches for your child’s needs.

These consults will only be done on a cash pay basis. Prices are as follows: 

  • -initial consult (60-90 minutes) $500
  • -follow up (30-60 minutes) $250
  • -telemedicine follow up (only available for certain cases) $150
  • -auricular (ear) acupuncture $150 per session

***these prices are subject to change

I look forward to working with you on optimizing your child’s health in every way possible!

Dr. Julie

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