Well Checks

Well checks are an important part of your child’s medical care.  During these visits, we will check your child’s vital signs and measurements, including height, weight and head circumference (for those under 2 years old). We will do a head to toe physical exam. We will administer any needed vaccinations.  We will discuss diet, stooling pattern, sleep and developmental progress. As your child gets older, we will discuss school, friends and other “big kid” topics.  We will administer screenings for things like socioeconomic issues, maternal depression, autism, developmental milestones, lead risk, and dental risk when your child is younger.  As your children get older, we will screen them for depression/anxiety and substance use.

Most importantly, we will review any concerns or questions that you or your child have about their health. The most common question we get from our kiddos is “do I get any shots today?”, so we try to answer this one early on in the visit.  Our goal is to really listen and address any concerns that you or your child may have.  By answering their questions, as well as yours, we hope that our patients will feel empowered in their own health and comfortable communicating with health care professionals in the future. We have also found that children that see us when they are healthy regularly are much more comfortable visiting us when they aren’t feeling so well. And it helps us know what is “not normal” for your child.

It is for all of the reasons above that we have made keeping well checks our office policy.  We feel that this is a valuable and necessary part of their health care. 

Our well check schedule is below:

  • newborn (2-5 day old)
  • 2 week
  • 1 month
  • 2 month
  • 4 month
  • 6 month
  • 9 month
  • 12 month
  • 15 month
  • 18 month
  • 2 year
  • 2.5 or 2 1/2  year well check
  • 3 year
  • annually until 18 year

We typically schedule your child’s next well check before they leave the office for their current one. Please let us know if this has not been made.

We look forward to partnering with you to promote your child’s best health!!

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